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Learn to paint Decorative Paiting/Tole Painting with Pattern Packets and DVD's. Brushes, Surfaces and Tools available.

I will constantly be adding helpful tips to this page, but if you ever have a question just ask me!


1) If you find yourself without palette paper a quick alternative is to use freezer paper.  It's composition is similar to the Palette Paper tablets you buy at your local craft store.


2) If you like to paint at a slower pace, try using a travel size spritzing bottle to occasionally mist paints your paints. It is a great way to keep them from skimming over and drying out too quickly.


3) Using a household grey primer makes a great basecoat for most surfaces and it prepares it for painting.


4)  Using a medium grey color underneath a red basecoat will help keep the red it's true color and you will end up using less coats of red.  Red tends to be a more transparent color and requires more coats to cover.


5)  If painting on glass clean surface well with alcohol.  Try not to touch area you want to paint on because the oils from your hands will keep the paint from sticking.  Using a couple of coats of Sealer before applying any paint will help it to stick to the glass surface.


6)  Painting on clay pots is a wonderfully smooth surface.  If you are planning on using the clay pot for plants it is very important to seal it with a good sealer or with a couple of coats of Mod Podge inside and out.  This will not only help the paint to stick to the clay pot but will keep the water from soaking into the clay pot and turning it white from the lyme that is usually in most soils.


7) Keeping a small battery operated fan close by when you paint will help to dry areas quickly when you are ready to move onto shading and highlighting.  Wal Mart carries one for under $2 and the batteries are already in it!


8) If you want to try an aged look to your piece but aren't sure whether you will like it or not, seal it first then put the antiquing or aging paint on it.  If you like it seal it again if you don't use a damp cloth to clean it off.