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I have a hard time some days believing that I am a decorative painter.  I only took one art class in high school, way back when, and only took it because I had all my credits and thought why not! I was surprised how well I did!  But, I never thought of myself as very good because my sister, my brother and my dad all had amazing artistic talent, and I thought I could never ever match up to them! 

So when my son was two (he is 32 now) I decided to paint him some Mickey Mouse cut outs for his room.  They turned out pretty awesome and I was hooked.  Of course I only dabbled in it for years.  I was, as I like to call myself, " a closet artist" I never put my stuff out there for anyone to see.  If anyone asked me to do something for them "artistic" I would willingly but never thought much of my talent.

In the 90's I got more into painting.  I never knew there were groups of people who loved to paint like me! I just did my thing at home, got my husband to cut out all my wood shapes, and painted for myself and for the occassional gift. I still lived in my own little world not knowing of all the people out there painting and teaching, what did I tell you "closet artist!"  It wasn't until 2003 that I found SDP online, I thought, wow! I've been missing out!  I couldn't wait to join!  Then I looked for a chapter in my town and what do you know, yup, I joined!  I have developed some of the best friends ever and we love painting together! I teach whenever asked.  

Of course people don't believe me when I say I was so shy as a child I would hide behind my mother if anyone looked my way.  I guess I got out of that as I matured! lol!  I love to learn from other teachers, not only in my group, but any that I can oh! and don't forget the online teachers as well.  There are so many different techniques of painting that I just soak up everything I can and try to pass it on as best I can.

My husband and I have been married almost 32 years. He is my biggest supporter of my painting endeavors and I know I couldn't do what I do without it or him!  We have 3 amazing sons and 10 oh so smart and amazingly talented grandchildren (I'm not biased!) .  I have the luxury of spending each day with two of our grandchildren, I am blessed.

So for me painting is my relaxing time.  I get completely lost in it and loose all track of time!  I really don't know what I'd do if I couldn't paint, I am very thankful for the talent God has blessed me with and the wonderful painting friends he has put in my life.

I hope if you are visiting my site you too can find painting as relaxing as I do and learn to enjoy every moment of "YOU" time!

Happy Painting to all!